Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Download Subtitles

Most of the movies that are currently famous , be it either in the IMDb database, or the movies have gained popularity in the film scene like award shows or best actor awards, are having a basic problem - they are not in your native language. Solution for such a problem is to use subtitles. Here are some of the best websites to download subtitles from:

1) SubtitlesKing - This website is minimalistic and extremely simple to use. Just type in your movie or tv show name in the big box on the homepage and you will instantly get suggestions to the full name of the movie.

2) Opensubtitles - This is a open website, that is a website where anyone can upload subtitles. Bad or not working subtitles are not removed but marked as red. They often want you to download their Open Subtitles Downloader to get the subtitles

3) MovieSubtitles.org - This website is having movies listed by their starting characters, and finding your movie is easy to spot in the list. Downloads are in srt format and will work as long as your use a compatible player

These website offer subtitles for both movies and tvshows. So you can enjoy the movies of some other language without learning a whole new language.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Download Silicon Valley Subtitles

We all know how wonderful a show Silicon Valley is - its a show set amidst the high-tech world of the Silicon Valley in USA, the series revolves around the struggles of six programmers who are trying to make a mark in the big, bad world of programming. When you download silicon valley subs you should be knowing that these subtitles should work in sync with the words said in the movie or else you will get a bad experience.

Subtitles that work in one release of the video, might not work with another print, so always choose your release/print when downloading from SubtitlesKing!

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 Subtitles

Game of thrones under the production of George R. R. Martin is right now one of the hottest television shows. It is watched by millions of fans worldwide and often most of the people watching it are not accustomed to the language it is recorded in or don't use it as their mother tongue - English. Even though most of us are very fluent in English, some of us use subtitles to improve the understanding of the story plot, or to ofttimes get the names of the characters right!

When you need game of thrones season 6 episode 8 subtitles there is a website where you can find them in perfect condition and these subtitles will match the spoken words perfectly and you will enjoy the movie even in crowded noisy areas!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

SubtitlesKing launched!

Now you can download subtitles in most of the major languages of the world for your movies and tv shows from one location. No need to search for thousands of subtitles and find the one you have been looking for - the one that matches frame by frame to your movie file. Now just paste your movie or tv show filename and our system will automatically suggest you which subtitles will work for your video!

SubtitlesKing is not just another subtitle download website. We studied the different subtitle download websites and found out one common error in most of them - they are too complex to use! We fixed this in SubtitlesKing. Its so easy to use that you will find it soothing to download subtitles rather than many other websites where you will find it hard to find the download button amongst all that clutter of "features" which are mostly not used by you!

SubtitlesKing - www.subtitlesking.in just does not lay there with its subtitles database. We thought that we have a huge subtitles database - lines, quotes and words said in more than 15000 movies and tv shows, so, we use this database to power MovieID. MovieID is a page where you can search for a line or quote. Example, you remember a line 'get busy living or get busy dying' but cant remember the name of the movie, so you just search for this line in MovieID and it will suggest you the name of the movie.

More to come, so stay tuned to SubtitlesKing and do like our facebook page!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

SubtitlesKing - easily download subtitles now!

There are a lot of subtitle download websites on the internet, but, most of them don't have the ease and simplicity of SubtitlesKing. We are in the process of creating SubtitlesKing in such a way that even a child can download it easily! You can search for the movie by the dialogues or lines said in the movie by using our MovieID feature or find out what to watch today by seeing our Hot section!

Just a few more days before we launch SubtitlesKing!